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"Let the woman is not only excellent but also more of excellence" is MY CHOICE strive to create the ultimate woman of faith, a perfect eternal theme , the interpretation of dreams persistent woman . They confidently independent , intelligent wisdom, unique taste , dress for women is an attitude, an attitude of pursuing high quality of life . MYCHOICE well versed in this , with a stylish touch , originality of artistic inspiration , the classic sexy perfect fusion of elegance and charm , understated luxury , subtle interpretation of the noble , restrained but express individuality .
Careful design, quality and fashion combine to allow the pursuit of fashion will be women in their respective fields in bloom elegant , self- exploration in the colorful nature of life, found himself not as beautiful : intellectual fashion sense can be used to interpret sexy can be used to interpret the elegant , romantic personality can be used to tell the truth, the only constant is pure elegance elegant woman . MY CHOICE will be both sensual and sexy style , subtle and elegant style , timeless and graceful interpretation of the female relaxation unique personality, elegant woman continues the story , creating a woman chasing the dream.
Women usually give passers-by the impression that the colorful , light and bright , but in a window of MY CHOICE , the dull , drab window scene , forced passers-by on the performance practices of doubt, so out of curiosity to ponder. Narrow spot the performance characteristics of the way of men spent on women 's V-neck dress , women's dress and bag together and brighten , clothing for men and women is no longer absolutely not , MY CHOICE is to break the boundaries of masculinity and femininity pioneer , leading the women into the neutral style of the brand , " similar to the light color to make the picture return to the classic , breaking the traditional concept of clothing and pop .
Lighting design women's clothing store has a finishing touch to the effect in the entire store , and it can improve the merchandise display effect , create a store atmosphere , blending colors stores , to create a clothing brand unique taste , creating a pleasant and comfortable shopping environment. Apparel products, the main purpose of lighting that features on the style of clothing brand products were based on theme style emphasizing mood , adjust color and lighting projected beam , express clothing texture, style , highlight the layering and spatial effects , better integrate costume themes for expression.

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