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Many furniture giants gathered in SUMBAO


Dozens of furniture giants gathered in SUMBAO on March 17, 2015, such as M&Z, LONGSO, IABO, HUAYI, XINHE FITMENT and JIYU software sofa, etc. They were high-spirited visited SUMBAO LED digital exhibition hall and the workshop area. General Manager Tiger, Deputy General Manager Wangli and Director of sales Wangxue, and some top leaders accompanied them.

LED Shop Lights company
Tiger explain the design process
LED Shop Lights room
Wangli introduce partners
Tiger introduce the furniture group higher-ups SUMBAO lighting recent development situation, pointed out that SUMBAO is a professional company which focused on furniture and clothing shop lighting solution design and lighting fixture manufacture, showed that SUMBAO case, technology development and management system etc. 
LED Shop Lights visitors
Wangxue interpretation of the beam angle
LED Shop Lights factory
Lighting designers Li Dongxu introduce lighting effect

Accompanied by Tiger and Wangli, customers witnessed the angle and brightness of light by digitization; present the perfect combination of furniture/clothing and lighting fixtures, and show different fixtures have different lighting effect. Wangxue introduces the SUMBAO LED Shop Lights development direction and market strategy, production process and product properties of LED products. Customers are interested in SUMBAO new LED all series products and the new image of the terminal display.
LED Shop Lights design
Introduce clothing lighting
LED Shop Lights manufacturer
Show project cases

Finally, representatives of enterprises through the understanding and communication, for SUMBAO operation model has given full recognition
And believe in the cooperation with SUMBAO will be more happy in the future.

LED Shop Lights exporter
Tiger chat with customer
LED Shop Lights products
Wangxue show the product lighting effect
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