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LONGSO is a primarily furniture furniture brand , promote a healthy and harmonious home culture to become harmonious life of the creator and leader. Multi-series products are very fine, delicate , classic best-selling series for 10 years. Lang Sa 's store design has always insisted on a classic style , can be flexibly adjusted , multi-series is compatible with the principle .
Tennessee series, for example , the product appearance and classic lines with a number of new elements , ivory matte surface , simple aesthetic appearance , graceful lines, delicate, space design uses a simple neoclassical style echoes.
Fresh and elegant space environment , product design simple and classic , there is no consistent range of accessories, lighting integrated into the environment, they need a low profile perfectly play its role in supporting roles , designer lighting requirements for almost harsh . SUMBAO lighting designer chose the United States , after repeated testing Corina high color chips , especially selected a number of products are widely applied LONGSO color temperature , taking into account the demand for furniture stores brightness , lighting designers consider reasonable At the same time control the distribution of a single lamp power , in order to avoid waste of energy. 2 years LONGSO country more widespread use of the full range of store SUMBAO LED lamps, the perfect present a warm , elegant style and positioning , store transparent and bright lights , but overall illumination reasonable control , no significant glare.
Every reasonable lighting design is by the results of scientific computing software to calculate DIALUX learned and determined , while complying with the requirements of scientific lighting design should always adhere to meet customer comfort in a light environment , this is the real design people-oriented .

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