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Lighting -efficient and Cost-effective

四川宜宾市鼎祥家具广东家居生活馆朗萨家私.jpgLighting -efficient and Cost-effective

I was deeply impressed by the lighting effects at my first contacting with SUMBAO. The lighting effects are professional and lighting design is absolutely high level. So when we were upgrading the shopping mall, I chose SUMBAO Lighting fixtures without any hesitation, and all the chain stores in Yibin, Chongqing were all used the same lights, and soon our new chain store in Luzhou will be using SUMBAO. As a furniture retail store, although the lighting effects is very important, but we have to control the cost as well. SUMBAO Lighting design had considered this point before us, they provided us with the most lighting -efficient and cost-effective products.

We are really grateful!

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