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info LED string performance and characteristics of what LED string light effect Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-10

Guide: LED string light string LED lights, the English name is LED STRIP, the shape of this product is like a tape, plus the main element of the product is the LED, so the name comes out. LED string light performance and characteristics of what? LED light string application effect you understand? Follow Xiaobian to see it.

What is the performance and characteristics of LED string:

1.LED light string imported LED chip package light source;

2.LED light string lighting angle design larger, half-angle > 120 degrees, mixed color, no stains;

3.LED string selection LED constant voltage power supply, the circuit design for the constant current loop, the working performance is very stable, so to ensure the normal life expectancy > 50,000 hours

4.LED string light color consistency, color red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white;

5.LED light string installation convenient and quick, after a one-time injection molding waterproofing, waterproof grade IP65, plastic parts have instalLED Recessed Spotlight card bit, do not need any accessories, you can directly in the word hole to install and fixed;

6.LED light string can undertake perforated string processing;

7.LED light string may be colorful and full-color controller to achieve colorful jumps, gradients, monochrome, full-color flashes and other effects.

LED string application effect:

1.LED net light

LED net light is LED wire to wire mesh holiday lighting products, suitable for large-scale wall decoration, ceiling ceiling lighting layout, our LED net light can be made of square LED net light, circular LED net light , U-shaped LED net light, triangular LED net light, V-shaped LED net light, LED net light and other stars star shape, with the controller can produce dimming, chasing flash, chase around the water and other effects.

2.LED curtain lights

LED curtain lights by the main line can be extended, LED string lights, the main extension of the two ends of the wire were injection molded male and female connectors, can be easily extended, the main wire injection molded with multiple lampholders, LED light string can be easily InstalLED Recessed Spotlight in the extension of the main wire, LED curtain lights can be hung in the eaves of the building, the window, you can also hang on the wire, the stage, the sides of the channel ... Burning LED curtain lights, it will show its infinite charm , Spectacular, beautiful, luxurious and rich, and even flirtatious.

3.LED ice light

LED ice lamp is composed of several groups of different numbers of LED light strings concatenated, then the controller can achieve flashing, chasing and other effects, hanging under the eaves under the ice hanging posture of the Northland, then the effect of flashing more band People approached the world of ice and snow to create a realistic Christmas environment and atmosphere.

4. Double circuit LED string lights

LED wishful Star Light by the extension of LED strings, external controller, enabling a variety of flashing light changes.

5. Single-loop LED light string

① single-loop LED string light type, can not be extended, a variety of colors to choose from.

② using double insulation structure, each wire, each wire connector double insulation, to ensure safe and reliable.

③ After waterproofing, can be used outdoors, safe and reliable.

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