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info Advantages and Features of the LEDpar Lamp How the LEDpar Lamp is Installed Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO lighting

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-11

LEDpar light, the full name is " Parabolic Aluminum Reflector Aluminum dishware " refers to the metal halide lamp package into the reflective cup, so to speak may be difficult to understand, Xiaobian here to introduce the advantages and characteristics of LEDpar lamp and LEDpar lamp how to install, you may know more thoroughly.

Benefits and Features of LEDpar Light:

1, LEDpar lamp with excellent quality, high luminous efficiency LED lamp beads, not only the brightness is good, but also high color rendering index Ra, can reach more than 80, glow close to natural light, well maintained human eyes.

2, LEDpar lamp drive power, well-designed, stringent selection of components, strict control of consumer quality, to ensure the life of the product.

3, LEDpar lamp, bulb shell (radiator) using the latest plug FIN technology in Taiwan, the radiator is cumbersome, good cooling effect, the appearance is still beautiful, the performance than most of the current manufacturers of cast aluminum and aluminum extrusion heat A lot better LEDpar lamp heat sink with 6063 high-quality aluminum, good thermal performance, greatly reducing the light failure of light beads, ensuring the use of LED life.

LEDpar light how to install:

1, LEDpar light can be instalLED Recessed Spotlight in any position, make sure the light fixture, make adequate safety precautions.

2. Make sure the voltage and frequency are appropriate for the power supply, connect it to the correct lighting, and turn on the LEDpar light.

Make sure the power is off, if you want to open or keep light.Keep light dry, will maintain the brightest output, if you often clean the lamp shade can also be extended, please use the professional glass cleaning liquid cleaning with alcohol or chemical liquid cleaning It and please use a clean vacuum cleaner light at least once a year.

Warning, be careful when you install it

Do not install LEDpar light near water or other liquids.

Please do not install LEDpar lamp in high temperature environment.

LEDpar light and other objects should be at least 0.5 meters away.

Please do not look at the light beam, or your eyes will be hurt.

Open and repair To confirm that the power has been cut off.

Maintenance must be a professional and technical personnel.

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