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High-end Furniture Deserve Best Lighting Fixture

大连市马栏广场红星美凯龙三楼朗萨家私孟庆中总经理.jpgHigh-end Furniture Deserve Best Lighting Fixture

Our company has deputizing Longso for many years. Longso is famous furniture manufacturer and all their products have their own style and design concept, so we have very strict and high expectation on the lighting environment. Considering on the long-term cost expense and the main stream of using LED lighting in the furniture industry, we have tried to change our lightings to LED since 2012. At that time, we had tried some lights from the local suppliers, but the luminance, color temperature and the whole lighting effect were not right. On a sudden occasion, one of my friends recommended SUMBAO Lighting to us, after a simple communication with their technician, I found they are very professional and they are very rich experiences in the furniture lighting industry. They are not only lighting supplier, but also lighting design expert. We soon reached an agreement on the lighting solution and lighting fixture, and the effect was higher than we had expected. Our high end furniture deserves superior lighting from SUMBAO. For our other stores we will change SUMBAO Lighting fixture gradually.


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