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Brand story

GUZO CASA Home Furnishing is warmly welcomed by the 80s and 90s consumer groups. Bright colors, soft decoration products and have a taste of fashion personality publicity collocation, the collision of youthful fire flowers. The designer is full and the proper use of light and color characteristics, scheduling, many elements of space integration, covering, and strengthening, prominent space theme, convey the GUZO CASA aspiration - to have a high quality life.

Project implementation concept

The lighting scheme was done around the orientation of GUZO CASA products, hard decoration shows modern, independent personality, grey cement floor and the original grey surface is simple and tough, mix a variety of colorful cloth products like Top Fashion Week fashion, a superb collection of beautiful things of addictive jewelry is undoubtedly a warm Home Furnishing shop, three kinds of demands in the soft light magic together, just like heaven.

SUMBAO lighting designers carefully selected lamps according to several different applications, with the plane of the store display, namely, precise positioning of the lamps at the beginning of the design, fully considering the space level sense and contrast relations after the implementation of a class. Lamps used to irradiate the other part and wall paintings, but also provide a basis for illumination large space; another kind of lamps used to irradiate the fabric products, reasonable control the number of lamps and the irradiation position to control the overall environmental illumination; the last of a lamp for illuminating ornaments, floral and other small accessories, improve local illumination, the environment has obvious sense of hierarchy.

Designer experience

For color, fabric products Home Furnishing high saturation, not only need to choose the suitable temperature, but also to choose well-known brands of chip with relatively high CRI, better reveal product color, can create a gorgeous fashion experience. Home Furnishing multi angle lighting mixed to form obvious contrast, elevation coupled with the rich decoration, the entire space have obvious sense of hierarchy and continuous changes, in which the customer, of intense interest.

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