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Group Outing and Field training


On December 11, 2016, Our company organized a group outing trip at the Xinjinji ecological farm and filed training base located in Dongguan Qishi town. All the elite staff and some of their families joined the party, all of us had a wonderful and unforgettable trip. This trip is not only a tour trip, but also a training class. We did interesting games, collecting vegetables and food material and cooking on our own and also played real CS games. The games were simple but had educational significance , during the game, we not gained happiness and victory, also we undergo confidence and sense of responsibility, solidarity, dedication and cooperation the spirit of innovative thinking and methods to solve the problems , such as situational experience, in the game feel the strength of unity and joy, help the staff recognized the importance of self excitation, stimulate them dare to struggle, dare to sacrifice the passion and understanding of team spirit from the depths of the mind. SUMBAO people are more united and positive.

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