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Beijing FURTON Furniture Co., Ltd. is an export and domestic sales of upholstered furniture manufacturing company, has been focused on the sofa , the design and manufacture of soft bed. Company seeks dedicated to consumers unique design style and ride comfort of high quality sofas , always pay close attention to the fashion trends of the global market , leading the high- ranking guest bedroom soft culture. FURTON store design can be described as an ulterior motive , the whole space with modern art techniques, a black top and black echoes up and down the floor , the walls are also a large area with a hard black cloth bag , with a substantial local background picture boxes , the tone of the entire black backdrop with full and smooth lines , stylish atmosphere fabric sofa , stylish alternative interpretation of art.
FURTON necessary to accurately convey the brand positioning and content, but also highlights the extreme detail of the product in very artistic black space, designer level is a great test . SUMBAO senior lighting designer will consider the space into two parts , the choice of a wide angle lamps illuminated the walls, large black wall wash light , so that the space to meet the basic brightness ; use accent lighting illuminated the way the product , good control of a single lamp power , illumination is necessary to meet demand for the product , but also with a large area of the background light and wall light box wall wash soft film spotlights the ambient light to achieve a reasonable relationship between brightness and contrast , to meet customer requirements for comfort in the dark space ; mix and match different angles of light , but also to make room for the rich rich level change ; designer by profession DIALUX calculation software to calculate the test repeated to determine the feasibility of the program . Dark space for lighting quality requirements are particularly demanding , designers carefully selected international brands of high color chips, warm color temperature of lighting chosen to ensure the perfect quality and high-grade fabric sofa color presentation , highlighting the extraordinary brand positioning and content, while giving " cold " space adds a touch of warmth , so that customers can not help but stop and taste.
Every reasonable lighting design is by the results of scientific computing software to calculate DIALUX learned and determined , while complying with the requirements of scientific lighting design should always adhere to meet customer comfort in a light environment , this is the real design people-oriented .

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