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Design Concept

SUMBAO Lighting designer tailored high-quality lighting for Mu Sheung men’ clothing retail store, using various LED lamps like recessed spotlight and track light with high CRI and intelligent dimming system. Highlight the fine workmanship of the high-end clothing. Lighting design is planed according different functions of the store including model, central display area, window shop, and tea table. Applying different kinds of decorative lamps like wine bottle lamp, hat shaped lamp, tube light and stripe lights to create a vivid and stratified feeling. Well combined the ambient lighting, accent lightingdecorative lighting and other lighting design techniques, to create the ultimate brand culture, brand positioning, clothing quality! Impact of light on men's clothing is very large, but sometimes we are in the process of operation, often easy to ignore this point. There are lights. The layout and different lighting effects, impact on the store cannot be ignored.

Designer Experience

Lighting is a very important factor in enhancing shop decoration and proper lighting can greatly improve the shop image so as to catch shopper’s attention and curiosity to find more in the store. And also great lighting can promote shop sales performance indirectly. Lighting is especially important for high end business men’s clothing shop and this point is often ignored. Therefore, SUMBAO designer well illustrated the elegance and taste of men’s clothing by using different means of lighting design techniques. SUMBAO light up your beauty, brighten your glorious future

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