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Deng Hao

Shenzhen Deng Hao Fashion Co., Ltd. was established in March 1993 , is a collection of knitted , woven fabrics fashion design , production and sales of integrated professional brand fashion company, its leading brand, " Hao Deng ," adhering to international , stylish, elegant fine style, with flower design elements , rich bold colors, unique styles with exquisite craftsmanship constitute production, creating a domestic knitting and woven combination of fashion pioneer !
"Let a woman such as flowers bloom ," Deng Hao greatest desire ! 2007 spring and summer , Hao Deng original design approach to women's beauty again bolder interpretation , the combination of different fabrics , stitching of different materials , freedom of the match, the sewing process ingenuity , reserved style of Chinese culture with the international avant-garde pop elements of the perfect combination of ... female seductive , confident , elegant taste and behave more thoroughly. Denghao Han Kim stores for lighting the main consideration in conjunction decor store , use adjustable angle
LED track spotlight mainly reflects the overall simple, crisp rhythm. Lighting focus on certain contrast , fully embodies the brand positioning , emphasizing the brand culture to create and image display, produce perceptual impact on consumer awareness .
Clever lighting design , can increase the value of goods, strengthen customer willingness to buy , so the effect of visual merchandising best. Lighting design using the relationship with the surrounding environment to adjust clothing , use change brightness, purity , and the sight line to guide and enhance the grasp of the store . Increase the affinity of goods, colors have an emotional , with penetration of light color more touching , select the appropriate lighting to capture the customer's psychological changes to get comfort.


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