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Decci uphold the Italian home design , committed to the development , production and sales of high-end European modern sofa , aiming for successful people carefully crafted high quality of life , leading the high-end living room at home culture. Tak Chi storefront space in dealing with a modern minimalist approach extreme , tough lines , big color distinction , with a great sense of design accessories , creating a simple simple , high-quality environment , international range of children full.
Decci necessary to accurately convey the brand positioning and content, but also highlights the extreme detail in the simplicity of its products , business Bao senior lighting designer made a bold attempt , the entire store density distribution of low-power LED lamps, complete with Italy Milan Furniture Fair usual lighting techniques, make furniture with perfect detail calmly there, peruse fancy . Designers adhere to the selection of world-class brands of imported chip high color rendering , and to ensure that the use of imported high-quality leather sofa color and sense of texture rendering , lower overall illumination while maintaining shop relatively high illumination uniformity . Decci adhere Italian design, build high-end living room culture brand image vividly before us .
Low color temperature of lighting is to create upscale ambience essential tool , high color rendering of the LED chip is the best choice for high-end furniture, materials , international range of children's furniture and lighting the way to the shop filled with hard requirements are unusual lack of professional lighting design, high-end designer display space not render the original design concept.
Sumbao lighting manufacturers specialized services in the shop as a leading lighting brands to "change the light environment , creating new value " for the mission , to provide professional furniture shop lighting solutions for the domestic high-end home determined to build a world-class brand lighting effects.

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