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Convenient and Trouble-free Service

辽宁锦州名家家具超市李铁力总经理.pngConvenient and Trouble-free Service

Our first contact with SUMBAO was when I was in charge of decorating DICAI furniture retail store, our headquarter assigned SUMBAO Lighting to us. They really impressed me with convenient and trouble-free service, from lighting design to lighting effect presentation, they have special assigned person to follow up the whole service, whether we had received the lights? When were we planning to install?  Whether we needed any instruction or after sale service?  So sweet and considerate that none of the local supplier can compare. Later I changed all the lightings in my other chain store. Every time they would provide very detailed and improved lighting design according to different type of the furniture we are selling, also considering the decoration of the store. Always recommends the most appropriate but cost-effective plan to us. SUMBAO Lighting helps us saving cost and promoting shop sales performance!

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