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Clothing Shop Decoration Depend On the Light to Attract the Customer


The girls who ever went to clothing shop should have found a problem, whether it is day or night, clothing LED Shop Lights are always open. Actually a lot of clothing shop were attract the customer with such atmosphere, in addition, clothes looks with completely different effect in the light and turn off the light, you could also try it.

High-grade clothing chain shop decoration, especially the decoration for the location of models for single clothing display, be sure to use energy-saving LED lamp to foil. The high-end clothing shop light color also must be suitable, for example, blue light gives people a feeling of cold, hard, psychedelic, this color is typically clothing shop decoration used in the summer. Yellow lights gives people a warm feeling, and the color is usually upscale clothing shop decoration during the winter. Combined with warm and cold colors is the most suitable for High-grade clothing shop. If the clothing store is completely with cold light, although bright, but the sense that gives a person is pale, not warm enough, clothes cannot be soft enough. And warm light can neutralize pale feeling, make the clothes is more appealing.

1. High-end clothing chain shop decoration, racks display lighting
High-end clothing chain shop racks display area helps customers easily find their favorite clothing style, and leisurely try and feel the quality of clothes. Be note that this area of lighting should be focused on the product when high-end clothing chain decorating, adopt natural color to match the dress color, the lights should have very good color rendering. Near the high-grade clothing chain hangers to target by using embedded or hanging straight tube fluorescent lamps will be more effective.

Renovation renderings one :
Recessed LED Lighting

Renovation renderings two :
LED Shop Light Fixtures
Renovation renderings three :
Shop Lighting

2. High-end clothing chain shop decoration, clothing display lighting
When high-end clothing chain shop decorating, Clothing display area can use a variety of graphic design to show the best side of high-end clothing chain shop models wearing clothing. A bright light is relatively easy to display the visibility of the display goods.

In addition, no matter day or night, the door head light of high-end clothing chain shop must complement, must be bright enough. First, the environment must be lit up, furthermore, different LED track light design not only can make the clothes more attractive, but also can achieve different effects, meet more people to enjoy the view.                    

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