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Citylady discuss the cooperation with SUMBAO


The first domestic fast fashion underwear brand CITILADY to SUMBAO to visit and negotiate cooperation on March 6, 2015, they aim to further understand the company strength, and the production technology level and capacity of our products field.

General Manager Tiger and Deputy General Manager Angel warm reception customers, and for the sales of our products in the clothing industry has carried on the detailed communication, at the same time, Tiger and Angel answer questions to the customer one by one. CITILADY has a deep impression on SUMBAO strict quality control, good working environment and orderly production process.

Through this visit, the two sides reached cooperation intentions, CITILADY officials said: Welcome SUMBAO to join us, it will make CITILADY more beautiful and more confident. The negotiations marks SUMBAO LED Shop Lights entered clothing industry more intimately.

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