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blog Eight advantages of LED products Wooden Door Cases of SUMBAO

by:SUMBAO     2017-11-11

The advantages of LED lighting products can be compared to the advantages of contrasting traditional light sources and relative to the advantages of other LED light sources.

Eight advantages of LED lighting

 First, energy saving

 At present LED luminous efficiency has reached 80-120lm / W, has surpassed the energy-saving lamps, white light is 12 lm / w eight times, which means that 10W LED can replace the 80W incandescent lamp, which means that the relative incandescent Lamp, the same LED lighting can save energy by 85%.

 Second, environmental protection

 LED is a solid light source, non-gas, LED is a semiconductor device, all materials are recycLED Recessed Spotlight, is a truly environmentally friendly products. LED energy-saving lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor inside, highly toxic, the production process and post-payment are made on the atmosphere of environmental pollution, seriously affecting the health of the body.

 Third, long life

 LED life of up to 50,000 hours, has exceeded the life of any traditional light source, LED is 50 times the incandescent, energy-saving lamps 15 times, if you use 8 hours a day, LED can be used for 18 years, energy-saving lamps can only With 1 year, thus saving a lot of maintenance costs.

 Fourth, seismic

 The vast majority of traditional light glass products, which filLED Recessed Spotlight with a variety of gas or vacuum, it is easy to break. LED is a solid light source, LED has a good shock resistance, even if accidentally dropped on the ground will not be damaged.

 Fifth, safety

 LED is not dangerous high temperature and pressure. LED using bottom voltage DC power supply, LED no high voltage danger, the traditional lamp directly to the electricity there is a risk of electric shock. LED working surface temperature is below 80 ℃, allowing the body to touch directly, LED no high temperature danger, the traditional light source temperature of up to 200 ℃ above, accidentally hit the body will burn.

 Six, do not hurt the eyes

 UV on the human eye and body will cause some damage, LED does not contain UV, LED does not hurt the eyes, LED long-term use no effect, fluorescent light sources such as ultraviolet light, long-term use will affect visual acuity and physical and mental health. LED DC work, will not affect the eyesight as flicker phenomenon of fluorescent lamps.

 Seven, no worms trouble

 Incandescent lamps contain a large amount of infrared light, which will attract a large number of mosquitoes around the light sources. The LEDs do not contain infrared rays and the LED will not attract mosquitoes and the interior will become cleaner and tidy.

 Eight, more flexible application

 LED small size, simple way of working, LED can be flexibly used in various fields, has been extended to the traditional light source can not be involved areas, such as LED can be made of surface light, can be made of light lines, etc., the traditional light by the volume, installation , The impact of power supply is difficult to achieve.

 Learning a lot of LED lighting products a bit, is not a little tempted, then put the LED lighting used in our daily lighting life in it.

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