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Chengdu AIPO Furniture Co., Ltd. is a research and development , manufacturing , sales and service for integrated, professional living room , bedroom upholstered furniture production companies , supplemented by small pieces of ancillary products, mainly consumer groups for fashion and trends have a strong desire of the majority of consumers person . Yipo furniture fashion to maintain a highly sensitive sense of smell , to become the new home industry software carrier , lead a new generation of guest bedroom home culture .
AIPO fabric sofa series subvert the normal sibling of various products in the market . Simple and stylish appearance , beautiful and smooth lines , the atmosphere full range of children ; color with bold and assertive , like a magnificent fashion show , consumers have a strong visual impact. In space design tone with a modern and minimalist approach, abandoned the previous cumbersome complex shapes, clean and elegant wall ; advocating re-decoration light decoration , the choice of color jumping, pure , with a pop style jewelry as sand, similar to the effect achieved , add a little humor to the product .
In rich colors and saturation, need to give the decorations and atmosphere through space within the makings of another product environment, lighting bear a huge responsibility. Lighting designer Bao providers through the full right and proper use of the characteristics of light and color , and many other elements of spatial scheduling , integration, cover , and strengthen , highlighting the theme of space . First, the choice of the United States imported CREE high color chip to ensure a lot of bright colors and products to restore the true manifestation of high-grade fabrics . Warm white color temperature can be well balanced relationship between the number of high color saturation , so that the whole space seem bright and transparent ; in meeting product illuminance and spatial brightness , the control of single lamp power and lighting layout density , to avoid wasted energy ; reasonable arrangement position lamps , to avoid the generation of dark corners ; use accent lighting the way , will be among the many colors and decorative elements in a harmonious unity, space prioritize, chiaroscuro obviously , the entire space is filled with youthful vitality , with brilliant colors ignite the passion of life.
For color, high saturation fabric household products , not only to choose the appropriate color temperature , but also to choose the color of a relatively high -known brand chip , better color reduction products , could truly create a beautiful and stylish home experience environment. The use of small-angle lighting to form a clear chiaroscuro , plus chandeliers and floor lamps , etc. as a supplement ambient lighting , the entire space only have a clear sense of the level and duration of change , customers living in them , with interest .


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