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SUMBAO Lighting Professional and Focused on LED Commercial Lighting

安徽宣城百汇精品家居馆.pngSUMBAO Lighting Professional and Focused on LED Commercial Lighting

We are a comprehensive furniture agent with more than 40 brands. When we were planning to decorate the new exhibition hall and upgrading the lighting, we received a lot of offers from different lighting manufacturers, with many different specifications of florescent lights, halogen lights and LED lights. Even the decoration companies had no way out what was best for our need. Considering on the long-term operating costs, we decided to use LED light, but we didn’t know how to create a better lighting solution with reasonable price and high lighting effect. Some lighting suppliers boasted that they had any kinds of lamps and all their products are great at performance and energy saving. But what we care was the lighting effect rather than what kind of light.


When we were in the state of confusion and desperation, one of our clients recommended SUMBAO Lighting to us. Their team was very professional and focused on furniture retail store lighting, they showed us a lot of furniture store cases that they had done with many well-known furniture brands, which was really a great relief for us. Later, in a very short time they optimize all the drawing papers, provided very detailed solutions which not only reduced the number of luminaires, but also defined the most appropriate power, color temperature and beam angle according to different usage. Their serious and responsible attitude also reflected at the follow-up service, SUMBAO Lighting sent professional staff for instructing the installation, inspection and the lighting debugging over and over again to achieve the best effect. Their service is really considerate and dedicated, saved us a lot of trouble, I would choose SUMBAO Lighting as a long-term partner. On behalf of our company, I would like to express our appreciation and gratitude for their hard work and professional service.






Hui Zhang


Aug.14th 2014

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