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Brand Story

A HOME is one of the wood Yang Chen (furniture) group's brand, founded in 1988 in Guangdong Meizhou. Focusing on the young generation Consumers, the style is not the most important task, to meet the preferences and needs is the key in the nucleus. The pursuit of fashion and personality and there is no lack of pragmatism, the pursuit of innovation and change without losing the wonderful moments in life.

Project implementation concept

People's eyes are physiologically with photo taxis. SUMBAO lighting designers use lights to attract customers, gather popularity, create a different artistic space, enhance the shopping theme, promote sales, enhance brand image, make the customer shopping process becomes a kind of enjoyment. This feature in A furniture has been played most incisive reasonable, clever use of fusion and furniture of the light, the color can become one of the highlights A home furniture in the shop.

Designer experience

How to create the atmosphere and highlight furniture shops with  reflecting light environment sense of space, sense of hierarchy and the furniture itself features brilliance. Using different mounting positions of lamps, illumination angle and irradiation of furniture parts, different lights intensity and different colors, which can create a comfortable shopping environment.


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