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"ONLY SIMPLE" comes from the Italian high fashion and leisure brands . Each one carefully selected fabrics from the beginning , we are in the effort to create a spirit. She must fit with your gestures , your smile inadvertently rendered gentle, allowing you to accidentally reveal melancholy charm. This is the exclusive "ONLY SIMPLE only Jane " spirit. Under the premise of exquisite fabrics faithful to "ONLY SIMPLE only Jane ," the spirit of landscaping to enhance the product , focusing on every cut, every detail of the shape and color of a button the use of each piece to perfection , carefully crafted .
Self-expression inherent characteristics of modern women
In the 21st century, the people of this ideology back to the hearts of everyone .
People seeking care for humanity ; focus on self- image ; others recognized the desire to seek self-expression.
People often say that phase from the heart . What is the best way to achieve self-expression is ? The inherent qualities passed to others through appearance, language , and other non-verbal way . Because , the real recognition is not a simple recognition appearance , but the man's own intrinsic qualities are apparent recognition. "ONLY SIMPLE" brand based on the expression of the modern women's desire to shape the modern women's apparel nonverbal way for customers to get a good self-expression and tireless efforts. She not only is a given clothes , but also a lifestyle and an attitude to life . Fashion has always been adhering to the personality and spirit of the brand Mix & Match , the stylish, comfortable, feminine , casual four were perfect fusion. Promote harmonious culture, advocating simplicity casual, mix and match to create the perfect new philosophy of art .
Lighting designer to make flexible use of color reflects the color of the emotional effect, light color is more easily manufactured contains want to create a style and atmosphere , the interpretation of merchandise content. Enhanced Commodity color and texture, choose the right shade of exposure to the clothing material, color and so on through the stack by the reflection effect , enhanced color effect commodities , commodity adds delicacy and elegance. Clever use of lighting can heighten the charm of clothing , pulling the customer 's attention, regulate environmental effects , the impact of shopping mood , thereby increasing the intensity of the customer's purchase .


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