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Brand Story

North American home is one of the subsidiaries of Dongguan Jin Ming Furniture Co., the company's American style furniture brand. All the products are famous for their strict material selection and elaborate craftsmanship not only inherits the classical furniture atmosphere and steady; while highlighting the modern furniture comfort and leisure.

Project implementation concept

North American home products are all solid wood manufacturing, has a very high requirements on the color and texture of the material. SUMBAO lighting designers adhering to the "people-oriented" professional quality, selected near natural color temperature and the imported high CRI chip, to ensure the perfect texture and color of wood material is exquisite. The illumination requirements, to meet a certain space under the control of a single lamp brightness, power and lighting layout density; designers use accent lighting way, perfectly presented the product details, to create a comfortable space atmosphere and accurately convey the product positioning.

Designer experience

The effect is to create high-end lighting environment with warm temperature, is an essential tool for irradiation of solid wood products, wood texture and perfect color; warm color temperature lighting can also make people feel warm, comfortable and romantic. The LED chip with high color rendering is the premise to create a high quality lighting environment. Without professional lighting design, space display cannot be presented as the original design concept of the space designers.


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