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South Furnishing

Brand story

The South Home Furnishing has nine series of furniture including bedroom, living room series, dining table series, leather series, sofa series, bed series, mattress series, children series, coffee table and other accessories, from high-end to mass to meet the different needs of consumers. South Home Furnishing always carries out "to create a modern urban life" concept, in the product, every detail, every line of fully demonstrate the unique charm of Southern furniture products. But in the decoration style, the South has been closer toward the modern home.

Project implementation concept

Lighting designers hope to let the light be the best store shopping guide, to store each distinctive details of the perfect guide to customers. Therefore in the lamps on the selection of the smaller angle, let the spot to cover the furniture area just right, showing the entire space activity by comparing the relatively strong value. At the same time, deliberately strengthen the auxiliary lighting function, let the light, lamp chamfer effect completely turn out echoes with the main lighting, add more vitality to the entire store.

Designer experience

Lighting is the best presentation for the shop. We hope that customers can independently follow the lighting guide through the shop the most characteristic places. This time, the light should be like a pair of hands, we need to imagine this in the hands of the space position which should point to the direction in which, through this kind of empathy, ultimately from a global perspective of light to complete the puzzle.

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