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MOONRIME brand from nature , is the perfect blend of Eastern and Western cultures , classical and modern aesthetics and natural. Sign a " wood rhyme" the first letter of the word spelling "MY" blending elements of cooperation as the main image , with exclusive characters, visual performance unified and intuitive. "MY" blend shape simple , flexible, dynamic, recognition and memory point clear , MY English means to me, is my home stretches of solid wood furniture , help enterprises tree unique image and perfect visual show. Meaning industry " wood -based" purpose , to show the most suitable for the production of solid wood furniture, consumer use corporate vision , color rhyme exclusive use of wood color , take the wood color, steady heavy , deep flavor to facilitate the promotion and application .
Five woodworking MOONRIME furniture from family, combined with the status quo and the Chinese furniture market demand trends emerged , the company covers an area of over 50,000 square meters, more than 500 employees , is a collection of furniture design, manufacturing and sales of solid wood furniture manufacturers. MOONRIME furniture will be market -oriented, product-based , service-oriented , focusing on the country , to create a new luxury modern wood . Wood materials are more meticulous control of the requirements , to meet certain brightness space , the control of single lamp power and lighting layout density ; designers use accent lighting the way , the perfect present details of the product , creating a comfortable atmosphere for high- quality space , accurate convey the positioning of the product , highlighting its meaning .
Warm color temperature of lighting is to create a high-end , there is the best choice for quality space atmosphere , and it is an essential tool for the irradiation of solid wood products , wood perfectly rendered color and texture ; low color temperature of lighting can make people feel warm , comfortable, mood ; high color LED chips is to create high-quality lighting environment premise , the lack of professional lighting design, space was a space designer can not display the original design concept.

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