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Brand Story

The Ideal Space is led by Italy designer LINO, based on the concept of love, to create first-class products, leading the high-end Home Furnishing culture, improve the quality of life.

Project implementation concept

Choosing Home Furnishing product is to choose a life attitude. The Ideal Space is one of the IKEA Home Furnishing partner, the product belongs to the modern minimalist style, with black as the main body, the white panel embellishment, mostly for matte material. The product is flexible, and can be freely combined. SUMBAO lighting designer made a bold attempt. As the space color is dark, used warm color temperature lamps with small beam angle, focusing on highlighting the products and space; and also decorates the lighting environment with chandeliers, wall lamp, wall washer as supplements, the entire space has strong contrasting lights at varied levels, the overall low illuminance ensure the accent lighting just in place. Designer selected specific imported high CRI chips to ensure the light is almost like sunlight to reveal the true color of commodities, avoid depressing feeling.

Designer experience

To create a lively atmosphere in the space, the soul of lighting design needs to depend on the product style, positioning, and communication of ideas. As a leading brand of commercial LED lighting supplier which is specialized in serving retail shop lighting, SUMBAO lighting abides by the company philosophy :to create new value for the clients by changing the lighting environment. Not only provide high quality lighting fixture, but also offer professional furniture shop lighting solutions, determined to build a world-class brand of domestic high-end Home Furnishing lighting effects.

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