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Brand Story

The HIVISION Home Furnishing, founded in the last century at the end of 80s. It is an excellent comprehensive enterprise of R & D, design, production, manufacturing, sales, service, and trade. The company has nearly 100 thousand square meters of modern production base, the introduction of world-class furniture production line, and has a large number of excellent professional design team and high-quality management personnel. The products design follows the "human engineering" principle, combined with the new design concept, unique modern aesthetic consciousness, and focus on providing high quality, high grade customers, green products and quality service.

Project implementation concept

SUMBAO lighting designers with rich experience, has accurate judgment of the relationships between different color temperature and color, especially the imported CREE chip with high CRI, high color temperature, accurate reduction of product color, create a clean transparent light environment; reasonable control of the number of lamps and the irradiation position to control the overall environmental illumination, using key lighting, the entire space chiaroscuro , personality fashion, a sense of hierarchy, to create a vibrant living room culture

Designer experience

For the variety of colors and high saturation of fabric products, it is crucial not only to choose the appropriate color, but also to choose well-known brands of chips with high CRI, better reveal the product color, and create a gorgeous fashion Home Furnishing customer experience, in which, customer can enjoy a very interesting shopping experience.

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