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Brand Story

GRE furniture owns many popular furniture brands, including "Hibiscus love" and "beauty", dream of life. The most representative type is hibiscus. Loved by 1980s people for its high-end Korean style furniture, classical furniture styles with ivory white essence, Korean media convey soft, natural and graceful style. "Dream of life. The county" series is the positioning of urban aristocratic family of the high-end market, the main consumer groups for the princess and the prince 6-25 years old.

Project implementation concept

Hibiscus love series creates a Korean soft, natural and graceful atmosphere. Products with ivory white, hard style as light Korean style, imported chip maker SUMBAO lighting designers carefully selected CREE high CRI chips, with warm white color temperature, showing the product quality sense, and make the product more pure and elegant, the whole atmosphere of the space filled with a fresh and natural atmosphere; reasonable control of single lamp power, to avoid the waste of energy, the whole space is bright and transparent, and rich sense of love; the graceful soft Hibiscus in the light of high-quality form of talent shows itself in the environment.

Designer experience

Matte white products displaying under high CRI and cool warm white LED light, commodities are very clean, pure, delicate, soft and comfortable atmosphere in the whole space. With the characteristics of style and suitable for selection of products, lamps chose small beam angle, using the accent lighting way to present the details and key products.

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