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Brand Story

Family health care, share the wonderful life, twenty-two years quality classics, tens of millions of users furniture positioning in the high-end furniture market, so that people can afford the Chengdu brand furniture. Main business: sofa, tea table, TV cabinet, TV wall, adult children suites, suites, bed, wardrobe, dresser the table, computer desk, cabinet, bucket, etc.;

Project implementation concept

GOLDHOO furniture is famous for its high fashion appearance, smooth lines and simple outlook, and bold use of color are the biggest highlight of the product features. The modern minimalist design, smooth and clean, with soft decoration and rich color echoes. Rich in color and high saturation space, light quality of the more stringent requirements, SUMBAO lighting designer with rich experience, accurate judgment of the relationships between different color temperature and color, especially the United States CREE high CRI chips, the lighting products of high color temperature, accurate color reduction products, create a clean and transparent light environment; reasonable control the numbers of the lamps to create a vibrant living culture.

Designer experience

For the variety of colors and high saturation of fabric products, it is crucial not only to choose the appropriate color, but also to choose well-known brands of chips with high CRI, better reveal the product color, and create a gorgeous fashion Home Furnishing customer experience, in which, customer can enjoy a very interesting shopping experience.


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