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Essen Wood

Brand Story

Chengdu Essen Wood Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997, which clearly established the "early start in the high-end solid wood furniture is committed to development, guide the propagation of high grade Home Furnishing culture" business philosophy, product has six major brands, five categories, a total of more than 1000 varieties, covering each space Home Furnishing more than a decade of life. Essen brand has laid a solid foundation in the domestic high-end furniture market.

Project implementation concept

Rich in color and high saturation through space decoration, the lighting bears great responsibility to show these shining spots to the customers. SUMBAO lighting designers used the imported CREE high CRI chip, which embodies many bright colors and the elegant texture of high-grade fabrics. Warm white color temperature can perfectly balance the high saturation and all colors, make the space look bright and transparent to meet the product space under the condition of illumination and brightness control. With single lamp power and lighting layout density, avoided the waste of energy; reasonable arrangement of the fitting position, avoided dark dead; the key lighting way to integrate the many colors and decorative elements in the harmonious space, prioritize, chiaroscuro, the whole space is filled with the vitality of youth, live with the brilliant colors of passion.

Designer experience

For colorful fabric home furniture with high saturation, not only need to choose the suitable color temperature, but also to choose well-known brands of chips, which can better reveal the true color of the product and create a gorgeous fashion experience Home Furnishing environment. The use of small angle lights can form obvious contrast, plus the chandelier lamp as the supplementary lighting environment, the entire space have obvious sense of hierarchy and continuous changes, in which the customer can enjoy themselves and arouse the purchase desire.

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