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Brand Story

Guangzhou Desheng Wood Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of luxury wood doors, solid wood composite door, wardrobe door, cabinet door products business, the company is located in the famous Chinese Fengshen production base - Guangzhou Huadu, according to the high-speed broad, adjacent to Guangdong Foshan. The factory covers an area of about 50 thousand square meters, with convenient transportation, favorable geographical position, and broad prospects for development.

Project implementation concept

Desheng wood is professional manufacturer of high-end luxury wood doors, solid wood doors, door frames, window products. Its products are fashionable, with very strong overall sense and three-dimensional sense. More exquisite wood material has more illumination requirements, to meet a certain space under the control of a single lamp brightness, power and lighting layout designers use key density; various lighting ways, perfectly presented the products details, to create a high quality comfortable space atmosphere, accurately convey the product positioning, highlighting its connotation.

Designer experience

It’s simple and easy to make the store bright, but it’s not so easy to make it dark, this “dark” obviously not means no light at all, we have to create more upscale and rich sense of hierarchy, but inappropriate dark makes the store is murky, customers lose interests to come into the store. After calculation and strict test to choose the most appropriate and reasonable lamps. Control of the overall brightness space, at the same time with the spot highlights modest, the shop in the sense of hierarchy can be vividly.

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