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Brand Story

SIBLING Wood Group Co. Ltd. is located in the beautiful Shuangyang Economic Development Zone at the foot of Changbai Mountain. SIBLING owns "wood brothers company", "extreme beauty in the wood industry limited company", "brother Real Estate Development Company Limited", "Xuan source culture media limited company", "Sheng Sen industry floor Co. Ltd" five subsidiary companies, is a comprehensive group company.

Project implementation concept

SIBLING Wood has the world's advanced German production lines, high-quality professional and technical personnel, the environmental quality of the raw materials, the production process from raw material procurement, enterprises, all aspects of customer service and formulating complete quality control system and enterprise standard.SDS also is China green building materials enterprises, won the national award of honorary certificate of Chinese wood industry, one of the most growth value of the enterprise. The wood material is more exquisite on illumination requirements, to meet certain space brightness under the control of a single lamp power, the designers focus on the lighting mode, perfect presentation of the product details, to create a comfortable space atmosphere, accurately convey the product positioning, highlighting its connotation.

Designer experience

For light colored doors, warm light is best choice to create a high end space atmosphere. SUMBAO lighting designers used lighting fixtures with appropriate color temperature and well-known brands of chips with high CRI, better reveal the product color, to create a cool space at the same time, paying great attention on the color difference, this is the key technique in wooden door lighting design, reducing the authenticity of the wooden door, multi angle lamp mixed use real through professional design looks simple but not simple at all.

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