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Brand story

Shandong SHINE MAY Home Furnishing Decoration Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in the production process of ecological door, sales, decoration design, construction in one, which is China’s wood products manufacturing leading enterprises. The company's "Shine may beauty" Home Furnishing culture brand, is the cooperation with the European well-known design companies adhering to the "fashion, avant-garde minimalist design style, relying on advanced technology, perfect management, from the essence of the world's advanced construction of wooden doors and windows, carefully crafted Wooden Classic.

Project implementation concept

SUMBAO Lighting designers fully demonstrated the use of imported high quality COB chips, proper choice of lighting beam angle, in addition to emphasize the detailed presentation of wooden texture details, and the brightness of the surface of the wood door have to be carefully controlled as well, not too bright or too dark, would not destroy the whole atmosphere of the space. Finally using light to create a simple and elegant, long lasting appeal of visual experience.

Designer experience

Making the whole space bright is very easy and simple, but how to make it dark is a very difficult thing, here “dark” obviously not mean no light or less light, but means how to reflect the space with more upscale by using lighting design. Inappropriate dark makes the store murky and gloomy, making customers lose interest to walk into the store. After accurate calculation and strict test, finally choose the most appropriate and reasonable lamps. Control the overall space brightness, at the same time, using spot light to highlight the whole space, giving the shop a strong sense of vivid hierarchy

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