Focus on Commercial Retail Shop Lighting

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General Manager Proverbs

"In the highly competitive LED lighting filed, it takes more than just quality products for manufacturers to thrive. SUMBAO Lighting has managed to stay ahead of the game by focusing on the high end retail shop lighting. We are a quick responder to the market demand, we not only produce standard products, but also tailor-made on request. To make sure our highly-customized products are flexible and smart, with fast delivery to satisfy any unique needs of our clients, that’s why we have gained a firm footing in this extremely competitive field in just a few years of development," says SUMBAO general manager Tiger Liu.

General Sales Manager Statement

"We not only produce LED lights, but also lighting design experts, we can help you to choose the best lighting environments and provide professional lighting solutions. We are aiming to promote the shop sales performance for our noble clients. SUMBAO light up your beauty, brighten your glorious future," says SUMBAO chief sales manager Angel Yang.

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